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  • Assisted an Australia based IT Services and Consulting firm, to help kickstart their AI go to market strategy through a domain lead AI enabled chatbots with domain expertise.

  • Developed a mobile application, based on Computer Vision for a Auto Rental Firm from South Africa for automating the identification and tracking of external vehicle damages while being rented out to customers.


  • A large mining operations organisation from South Africa engaged with us for their Data Migration to SAP, involving an onsite and offshore engagements for a hybrid migration process on cloud as well as on premises.

  • Engaged with a large South African University for deployment and training around their IT Management tool.


  • The client with a global presence was looking a kickstarting their data compliance business plan for Europe. We help them build the necessary business strategy, including lead generation mechanism, by hosting technology briefings for Senior Technology business leaders from and around London, UK.


  • A large business house from Africa, with interests around Mining, Healthcare, IT, Oil, etc., DzTranz, was engaged to enhance their customer interface, making it more robust and as per industry standards.

  • Enhanced web-presence of a large IT systems Integrator from SouthAfrica, helping them build their technology showcasing their technology expertise for potential client base.

  • Designed and developed a B2C Networking platform ( for a Creative Freelancers from a advertising startup, from India.

  • Help build a B2C Real Estate portal focused at showcasing property reviews as well as other property promotions for a India based real estate firm.


  • Helped a Technology organisation build a Data Analytics delivery capability in US, to cater to new business initiatives in the region. An extensive exercise spanning 10 weeks managed over weekends to suit the teams  working hours and local time zone.

  • Delivered skills around IBM Middleware Technology offerings for a large Telecom player from Malawi, Africa. About a month long activity aimed at preparing the team towards certification and deployment readiness.

  • Imparted knowledge transfer on IT Management tool for staff of a leading South African University.

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